Ukkokei Ramen Ron and Bacolodian Friends

I have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. I love it because it is usually the time when friends and family get together. I hate it mostly because of the congestion everywhere – on the roads, in the malls and restos, ugh.

So anyway, two of my college friends invited to meet up for hot ramen one December night, and Tuscany in Mckinley Hill was the safest bet because we presumed it would  not be as congested as the malls. And of course, the other reason was Ukkokei Ramen. YAY!

K and F are my MassComm buddies back in La Salle Bacolod. K would usually visit us in Manila when she has conventions or gatherings here in their head office and F is my surfer, kikay friend working for a famous cosmetic brand.

The two haven’t tried Ukkokei yet and so me and the husband were more than happy to comply because we LOOOOVEEE Ukkokei!

We were lucky that the place was not crowded during that time. 

Back in their Arnaiz (Makati) branch, their specialty Tantanmen was only served for a specific time and I have always missed it. I was so glad that I could finally try it that night. Yay 🙂

The mandatory photo op while waiting for the food —

The service was fast and all of us ordered the Tantanmen (PHP390). It was a huuuge serving.

 We also had gyoza. Edzel is not fond of gyoza except for this one at Ukkokei and at Ikkoryu.

The famous Tantanmen Ramen of Ukkokei!

Me, K and F barely finished the whole thing because it was such a huge portion. Husband gobbled it though despite the fact that he ordered a much spicier version. Crazy guy.

So there you go! It was a fun night for all of us – full of catching up, chismis and laughter. I treasure these moments because as I always say, it is hard to find real friends in the city especially if you are not from here. This is the reason why I keep on convincing my Bacolod friends to stay over at my place when they are around because they bring the warm, Bacolod vibe with them.



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