Coffee + Pups + Everything Nice

Staying at home most of the time is really unnerving. This is especially relevant to people who have always been “out” all their lives. Out for a meeting. Out for  a party. Just out. Transitioning from a phase when you were all over the place and to now when you are cocooned to take things slow and stay at home can be pretty  hard. However, there is one little trick to make it a little easier for you… for us, homemakers. Injecting a little extraordinary activities to our dreary routine.So I am sooo glad to be able to go out last weekend (Saturdays and Sunday are sacred to me and the husband now, to solely spend together and/or with family) and stumble upon this awesome new place in the north.


Do you like coffee? How about dogs? Let’s say we throw in a little pup, I mean, cupcake? Would that be something of interest to you? If you said yes to the first three questions, then I would like to introduce to you some cuteness overload — Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe!

Pet cafes first started in Japan with cats as the “residents”. The Japanese believes that it is therapeutic to be in the company of felines at the end of a stressful day. The idea for these places is for you to be able to “pet and play” with the kittens especially if you cannot own one. Dog cafes are now becoming popular in many places around the globe such as in Korea, Singapore and Thailand, among others.

I could not stop being giddy just writing about this post because I am still in dog haven. So, Edzel’s boss posted these cute lil pups last night. Curious as I am, I asked her what it was and she introduced me to this new coffee shop in Katipunan, Barkin’ Blends.

Barkin’ Blends just opened last September and is located just behind Shakey’s Pizza in Katipunan.

Source: Barkin’ Blends’ Facebook Page
It is located at 91 Rosa Alvaro Street.
Cute little paw prints will guide you to the cafe.
This is how it looks at the outside.

Barkin’ Blends has two areas: the Human Zone and the Dog Zone.

This is the human zone.
You can order some beverages. Here is the list of their menu.
And they have pupcakes, too! Yes, you heard that right! PUPCAKES!
You can enter the dog zone for PHP180 for two hours inclusive of a drink of your choice.
Here you can spend time with pooches while enjoying your drink. I think this cafe will be good for:
  1. Dog lovers who cannot own one because they live in a flat where pets are not allowed. 
  2. Those who would like to know what if feels to be around a pup. I have a friend who likes the idea of dogs but is scared to be around them. This could be a place to get rid of their phobia because the dogs are sooo cute and gentle. 
  3. Someone like me who just wants to spend time with dogs, dogs and more dogs. (And because I have two already and cannot afford to take care of another one.) 
Okay, so the Dog Zone — I lifted this cafe guide from Barkin’ Blends Facebook Page
All the “resident dogs” have been vaccinated and the area is well-maintained. 
Once you enter, you will be asked to change into slippers and sanitize your hands. The cafe “seals” the drinks to avoid spillage inside the Dog Zone. 
Most of them were there except Skye ad Psyche.
But before I show you the cuties, let me show you some nice touches of the cafe.

And now, let the dog smooching begin!!!!

This is Ella. She is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund.
She reminds me of Chow, our Dachshund at home.

Cuddle cuddle cuddle!

Of course, I lingered with the one who looks like Sachi. 

And oh yes, his name is Piolo. Hahahahaha!

Hmm, I will just stay here. Zzzz..

Cuteness overload! What’s your name again, bud?

Meet Stitch, uhh. Noo, meet Fiona! This is my first time to cuddle a Shar-pei!

Edzel’s first time, too!

Isn’t she adorable??! Can you see that she has twin nails on her paw?

This is Stoic and Sleepy Marley. 

And the Prima Donna Martha.

Oh and just before I end this, let me say my kudos to the three caretakers of these puppies. They help the dogs warm up to the visitors and made my photo-taking with the dogs possible! Yay!

That was one of the best two hours of my life. And you can see that there is really a community of dog-loving hooomaaannss!

What are you waiting for, dog-lovers? Cuddle a dog and get yourself some two hours of canine fun! Go and check out the place now! <3

Pino Resto Bar

Before the lazy virus attacks me again, I am maximizing the things which I wanted to write about for some days now. 
There is a fairly familiar resto which was introduced to me by a close friend several years ago. This is where we used to hang out whenever we had heartaches and problems to mull over. 
The place is not only cozy, it actually served really, really good food. Their bagnet menu is to die for. And yeah, the giant margaritas!

Anyway, back to this cozy little haven. The place is called Pino Resto Bar. The first branch is located in Malingap St., Teachers’ Village, Quezon City. I haven’t been there for a long time though ever since my friend left the area. 

Last week, I met with a friend in Makati and we had lunch. Much to my surprise, Pino has finally opened a branch in Jupiter Street! Happiness! 
They are actually in their “soft opening” week but there were already a lot of people. There is an area in the restaurant, called Pipino, where only vegetarian stuff is being served — we did not want to eat there. Haha!

Adjacent to the main restaurant is Pipino where only vegetarian food is served.

Adjacent to the main restaurant is Pipino where only vegetarian food is served.



One wall is covered with cute doodles. I wonder if WeeWillDoodle was the one who created it.
I was checking out what was new on the menu and I found this. Coffee-crusted Beef Belly. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? For people like me who love steak and coffee, you are in for a yummy treat. 

It just melts in your mouth! Two thumbs-up!

It just melts in your mouth! Two thumbs-up!


And this best-seller of course, Bagnet with Bagoong.

And this best-seller of course, Bagnet with Bagoong.

So if you are looking for somewhere new to eat in Makati (or if you haven’t been to this place in Quezon City yet), visit Pino and I am pretty sure you will love it!

Hmm.. coffee-crusted beef belly. 
Happy eating!