Why I Want to Blog about the Books I’ve Read

I was looking for a book to read last night and decided to entertain myself with my old reliable Murakami. The last one I read was Norwegian Wood and again, boggled my mind with the usual Murakami style. I pulled out Kafka on the Shore. I had this book for a long time but I don’t remember reading it.

I was settling myself for my night reading ritual (until Mr Sleep visits me) but to my surprise (and later on, frustration), some of the pages were already dog-eared. That only meant one thing: I have already read it.

I tried to browse the pages trying to recall what the story was all about, I read the synopsis, searched for some quotes online in the desperate effort to remember. But alas, my memory was blank. I could hear the sound, “chirp chirp” inside my head. ARRGHHH! I must have loved this book though because there were a lot of pages that I marked. *frustrating*

Yes, I sabotage my books and I am sorry. Aside from the dog ears, I also have some highlighters and in very few occasions, notes on the pages. But I just do it on my own books, don’t worry!

So I have decided to chronicle the books I’ve read in this blog as.  To remember. Because that is the main reason why I do this (blogging) anyway. You  might not agree with the ratings I give but that’s fine. Each of us would have different preferences in our books anyway.

I would not go as far as to spoil the whole plot, though. I will just try to capture some quotes which I have found interesting. Cool?

Oh, by the way, hit me up if you have any book recommendations. I am taking a reading challenge from book reads – 52 books this year! If left to me, all I would read is Coelho (of course), Anne Rice, Murakami, Stephen King – hahaha! Good thing I have my book club to expand my selections and of course, YOU 🙂 Do give me a shout out. Thanks, loves!


I Blog Because…

Before I tell you why I blog, I would like to tell you a story. 
Once upon a time, there was this girl. She was not your typical girl. She climbed trees. She went with her male cousins and uncles to go bird-hunting. She loved designing paper dresses but didn’t really like playing with them so she just made a lot of them and give the dresses (and the paper dolls) to her younger sisters. She loved books. She liked cutting funny or sometimes, sarcastic comic strips and gluing it on her notebook. She kept a lot of diaries. That’s where she kept all the letters, all her thoughts, her poems, everything. 
There was one thing she was really bad at, though. Keeping her things. So as years passed by, all those little treasures were lost. Sometimes, when she would try to look back at the events of her life, she gets nothing. Seriously, there is nothing. She could not remember a thing. So she would puzzle things together or sometimes doubt herself if those memories were just figments of her imagination.

So there. That girl was is me! I blog because I have a memory of a fish. I can remember dates, phone and plate numbers, names, faces but I cannot remember details of a certain event. They are all so blurry. Usually, my closest friends would be the ones to remind me of the whys and the hows of those events. But boy, I tell you, my memory? It is on standby! Has this every happened to you?
I do not want to not remember the events in my life. I want to tell stories to my kid someday of what I have been through, most especially the big moments in my life. Like how I have quit work for him (or her) or what his (or her) parents’ weekends were like when he (or she) was still not around. 
In many ways, it is a blessing. I do not hold grudges primarily because I forget about what happened (unless of course that incident has a tangible reminder that I see often). But it is also a curse — I could not remember a lot of happy things as well. I want to remember these moments and that’s why I am doing this. 
So what else? I blog because I want to share  my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences. To share it to someone who actually cares. To tell my story and hopefully those who are experiencing the same would feel that they are not alone. 
Lastly, I do this because I want to write. I really do. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I just need to put these thoughts somewhere. Have you ever felt like this? Or am I just really one weeeiiirrrddd lady? 
How about you? If you do blog, what are your reasons?