Friendship is a fluid thing…

Corporate Junkie Friendship

Note: I have been thinking about this topic lately. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my best friend the other day about how friendships evolve over time and how she has become a great influence in my life and how I’d like to mirror her faith and her devotion to her family. Quite surprisingly, the topic of friendship came up again when I had a conversation with a friend who was concerned of how her other friends are falling apart and the way it is tearing her up from the inside.

I used to think that you are measured by the number of friends you have in your social network, your actual circle and so on.  As I grow older, I am  beginning to realize that really, there are very few people who you’d want to emulate and mirror in your life. Time and again, I have asked myself, who are the people I want to be associated with? I am still in the process of figuring that out so don’t count on the answer just yet.

In the meantime, here’s to the wonderful years of friendship, old and new, cheers!


Friendship is a fluid thing…

…and unlike our expectations when we were younger that friendship is set on stone, it really is not.

The friends you have last year may not be the friends you have this year. People come and go and it is nobody’s fault. Sometimes, people grow apart. Sometimes, people grow older much faster than others. No one needs to be blamed.

It’s just the way it is.

I remember five years ago when my life was full of never-ending parties. I loved my friends who loved to party – they were so gregarious, so carefree and I wanted them to be my mirror. Fast forward to today, all I want is to cocoon inside my house, snuggle with my dog and my husband and watch the Back To The Future trilogy.

While I enjoy the occasional binge drinking, I dread the morning-after feeling when bile rises up from your stomach and you are rendered officially useless for the whole weekend. Quite surprisingly, I wouldn’t trade my weekends anymore. They are too sacred.

In the same manner, I would understand if I have friends who wouldn’t want to hang out with me now… I don’t and wouldn’t expect all of my friends to grasp the idea that it feels so sinfully good to stay at home on a Friday night because that may only appeal to me. I wouldn’t expect them to understand how shopping for home accessories and plants has been more enjoyable than buying four-inch high-heeled shoes or expensive makeup. It wouldn’t have made sense to the younger me, either.

But this is the reality of life. We all have the tendency to grow apart. Again, nobody’s fault.

It’s just the way it is.

Friendship is a fluid thing…

…there are friends who stay and there are friends who leave. As we grow older, we realize that we don’t really need a big circle, just a handful of friends who you share the same values with – who sees you inside and out.

We should never force the what-could-have-beens and keep on holding on to the past. As Paulo Coelho said, cycles close and we have to move on. If things do not feel right, let it flow its own course. Only time will tell if and when the ebb of your friendship will flow back together again. Just be glad that at one point in time, you have met wonderful people in a lifetime and who knows, they may just be part of the gang again, one day too soon!

Corporate Junkie Friendship

Let’s be old ladies together.

Ukkokei Ramen Ron and Bacolodian Friends

I have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. I love it because it is usually the time when friends and family get together. I hate it mostly because of the congestion everywhere – on the roads, in the malls and restos, ugh.

So anyway, two of my college friends invited to meet up for hot ramen one December night, and Tuscany in Mckinley Hill was the safest bet because we presumed it would  not be as congested as the malls. And of course, the other reason was Ukkokei Ramen. YAY!

K and F are my MassComm buddies back in La Salle Bacolod. K would usually visit us in Manila when she has conventions or gatherings here in their head office and F is my surfer, kikay friend working for a famous cosmetic brand.

The two haven’t tried Ukkokei yet and so me and the husband were more than happy to comply because we LOOOOVEEE Ukkokei!

We were lucky that the place was not crowded during that time. 

Back in their Arnaiz (Makati) branch, their specialty Tantanmen was only served for a specific time and I have always missed it. I was so glad that I could finally try it that night. Yay 🙂

The mandatory photo op while waiting for the food —

The service was fast and all of us ordered the Tantanmen (PHP390). It was a huuuge serving.

 We also had gyoza. Edzel is not fond of gyoza except for this one at Ukkokei and at Ikkoryu.

The famous Tantanmen Ramen of Ukkokei!

Me, K and F barely finished the whole thing because it was such a huge portion. Husband gobbled it though despite the fact that he ordered a much spicier version. Crazy guy.

So there you go! It was a fun night for all of us – full of catching up, chismis and laughter. I treasure these moments because as I always say, it is hard to find real friends in the city especially if you are not from here. This is the reason why I keep on convincing my Bacolod friends to stay over at my place when they are around because they bring the warm, Bacolod vibe with them.



Nolita and Tales of Friendship Part 2

“It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.” – Maria Sharapova 

This week has been a testament of how friendship (and good food) can contribute to one’s level of happiness.

Last Saturday, husband and I met two of our really good friends over the aweeesooome burgers of Nolita at Bonifacio High Street.

I ordered their Angus Cheeseburger which was really good, sided with their own version of potato fries. Pizza was so-so according to my friend. It’s a self-service restaurant so if you are lazy to queue and stand at the counters for your orders to be taken, Nolita won’t be the resto for you.

I realized that as we grow older, we seem to have less and less time with our friends. We get caught up with our own busy lives that we forget the wonders of what friendship can do to alleviate our spirits.

So here is a happy resolution, to always find time to meet with friends even just for a cup of coffee…

Hmmm wait, make that two!


Corporate Junkie


The Happiness Project

“A happiness project is an approach to changing your life.” -The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project

A month ago, I read this book from Regina Brett about Life’s Little Detours and Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. The books talked about finding and holding on to happiness. No, I am not here to talk philosophically what happiness is all about or preach happiness is a choice or what-not. What I really want to share is this longing I have to improve my perspective in life. 
I have always been a happy person. Internally, that is. I seem all grunge and angst outside but generally, I have always been happy. I am happy with everything that has turned out in every aspect of my life – work, love, family, friends. 
So why engage myself on this happiness project

Because I think there can still be so much more to happiness. Not the kind of happiness that just dawns on you when you think about your life in a general way. What I mean is that kind of happiness that envelops you every single day. 
Lifting from Rubin’s book, she underlined her twelve commandments, the overarching principles that she should follow. I think this list keeps everything on track and removes the nuances of unimportant things, or feelings or what-ever.
My Twelve Commandments 
1. Do it now. Oh yes, my procrastination is ALMOST always a source of stress. Yep, striking out this bad habit starting now.
2. Learn to shut up. Hold that bad thought. And those bad words. Stop babbling and keep it to yourself.
3. Stop overreacting. Identify the problem. Dissect. There is always a solution.
4. Love. And remember why you loved in the very first place. 
5. Spend time with people. No matter how anti-social I should feel that day, always, always spend time with friends and family and loved ones.
6. Stop worrying. God knows best. People who love you will always understand. 
7. Read. And write. And sing. And dance. These things make me happy. All the time. So don’t miss a month not doing any of these. 
8. Pray and find inner peace. Meditate. Go to Church. Read about life’s little miracles and acknowledge that there is always a Higher Being. I have proven that a lot of times. 
9. Sharpen the Saw. Shop. Spa. Salon. Movie Marathons. It’s you working and doing all these things so it’s you you should never forget to take care of. 
10. Choose your battles. Learn when to fight and when to give up. There is always tomorrow. And tomorrow is another day of battle. I learned this from The Art of War.
11. Learn like a sponge. There is no special time to learn. Every day is. Learn, make mistakes. Do better the next time.
12. Be Balot. This I got from my favorite poetry, Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Noone can be me. And I don’t even have to worry if you like me or not. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. 
Whew! That was tough. So let it be known how my commandments look like. I should be doing my resolutions first to materialize my Happiness Project but as of the moment, I have done already what I think is the hardest. My guiding principles. 
With that, I aim to close this little sharing of mine. Need to doze off for another beautiful day tomorrow. Good night everybody.