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I help oilers, especially oily mamas, have confidence in the way they use their oils such that the blends that they make are safe and effective for their little ones.

Brand Consultancy

I help entrepreneurs expand their business through social media management and marketing services to free their time so that they can focus on their other more important goals.

Life and Grief Coaching

I help wonderful people find their way to the goals and dreams they want to achieve through coaching, whether that may be in their personal or professional lives.

"In my first session with Balot, I was actually clueless about what will happen next. I don't even know why I signed up as a coachee haha, 'cause I didn't have any idea what part of my life that needs coaching. But after the introduction, I felt a good connection right away. I felt light and I immediately trusted her. She made sure to keep me aligned with my goals without judgment. A very good listener and communicator, but the best part about her, not only did she help me achieve my goals, but I actually gained a wonderful new friend."
Founder and Managing Director at Pretty Happy Cozy