Santi’s 3rd Cinco de Mayo

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3rd Cinco de Mayo of Santiago’s life,

Three wishes. That’s what I have on your 3rd birthday.

1. I wish that you grow up to be kind: to make a difference in the lives of the people you touch.
2. I wish that you grow up with gratitude in your heart, always looking at the positive side of life and being thankful for every small or big thing life throws at you.
3. I wish that you fulfill everything your heart desires, regardless how uphill the battle will be.

I wish (for myself) to stop Father Time because you are growing too fast but we only have today, everyday, so let us make the best out of them. 😍 We will always be here for you, loving you and cheering you. Always.

Little boy turned three today and I could not believe how fast it has been!

We had a simple celebration at home with my sister, Lucerne of Little Lucee, baking him a buttercream cake!

APAS Philippines

We then brought Santi and Lucia to KICCA, an interactive playground at Festival because Santi just loves ballpits!

Little things. Big buckets of happy.

APAS Philippines

Little Lucia enjoying Kuya’s birthday treat.

I can only pray he enjoyed his day! Happy birthday, my love!

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