First Time at a Firing Range at PB Dionisio Indoor Firing Range

My husband invited me to the firing range for the first time and it was a terrifying and enjoyable experience, all at the same time. I am not really fond of guns but as we don’t control a lot of external events around us, it could be useful in a worst-case scenario.

So, I had my share of scary experiences when it comes to “nalooban” in the past. I was living in Pasig in around 2008 and I left for Davao for a whole week. When Edzel came to my apartment, everything was topsy-turvy! Someone broke inside my home and I was just really lucky that no one was there or God-knows-what-could-have-happened.

At around the second month of quarantine, we had another incident. At around 10 pm, we lost our water supply. Edzel noticed that Sachi and Akito, our fur babies, were barking their hearts out and he could hear footsteps on the roof. A neighbor also confirmed the next day that someone was indeed there and we got a little bit flustered with the idea that someone wanted to break in. This was also the time that there was news in Bacolod where someone got killed because robbers got into their house. This was when the husband decided that for our safety, he would purchase a firearm for our protection.

Soo anyway, enough about these scary stories. Let’s go to my first experience in the firing range. We had our session at PB Dionisio Indoor Firing Range. This is where Edzel got his gun. He also got a voucher since they have a running promo at 30% off for only Php880.


The Voucher includes:  

-1 Target Board
-50 Rounds of ammo
-1 Pistol

Availability of the firing range is from Tuesday through Saturday starting this November from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

So if you are ever looking into firing a gun, do visit them. And this was the video of the whole experience plus everything else that I mentioned above. Haha. Enjoy!


Take care, loves. Stay safe always!

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