Our Awesome Immunologist for our APAS pregnancy – Dr. Carol Gloria

Dr. Carol Gloria

One major factor in an APAS or RI (reproimmuno) pregnancy is having a trusted immunologist who works in tandem with your obstetrician or perinatologist.

Having an immunologist is critical because they track your immune system’s activities and how they affect the growing baby inside your tummy. But even before a pregnancy, your immunologist will actually be the one who will administer treatments such as LIT to make your body “baby-ready”.

I consider it my biggest blessing to have found two amazing doctors who took care of me and Santi while we took our long journey towards a successful delivery. My perinatologist, Dr. Valerie Guinto, was my anchor during the pregnancy with her impeccable calmness. She was the one who referred me to my immunologist, Dr. Carol Gloria.

Dr. Carol Gloria is my burst of sunshine with her overflowing positivity.

She always encouraged us to be steadfast in our faith. Seldom will you find a doctor who is very outspoken of how God plays a role when treating medical conditions. Dr. Carol, however, never stopped telling us to always pray for the success of our treatments.

If my memory serves me right (I hope it does), she also had an APAS pregnancy. This is one of the reasons why we were immediately comfortable with her – because we knew that she would understand our situation.

I honestly believe that she and her husband got into immunology (they are both allergologists when they started… I think) so that they can help people like me who are going through the challenges of an RI pregnancy.

My two lovely doctors – I would vouch for them any second of the day and I hope that they continue to help more APAS mommies like me have their own Santi.

If you want to book an appointment with Dr. Carol Gloria, you can get in touch with her secretary at 0998-954-8327.

Babydust loves.


4 Responses to “Our Awesome Immunologist for our APAS pregnancy – Dr. Carol Gloria

  • Nikko Ruba
    3 years ago

    Good day po..same case po kami ng misis ko..kakatest lng po namin ng lit..then our immunologist said na category 5 po kmi ng apas.. twice na po miscarriages si misis..
    pa help nman po para hndi na mangyari ulit..

    • Hi Nikko. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your immunologist will help you for your wife to retain her pregnancy. Are you a member na of the APAS Facebook Support Group?

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