They say you cannot choose your family. But if I could have had, I would still choose ours. 

The inventors of our weird names, ladies and gentlemen, Ernesto and Lucy! 


Quattro Marias. Ela, Kristine, Lucerne, Ernalou. Haha. Weird names 🙂


Home is where your heart is. And for all my existence, my heart resides with these people. 
Where I am now is really a result of my parents’ upbringing and the family’s relationship with one another. Oh yes, we were not always that happy. In fact we quarrel a lot. So what gives?
First, there is a deeper sense of love that brings us all together — and this is my mom’s biggest heart. The heart of forgiveness and patience for everyone in the family. The heart of sacrifice and just pure unconditional love. A heart that pushes her to prepare meals after a hard days’ work to serve on the table at the end of the day and make everyone come together for dinner. A heart that will never, ever give you up and never expecting anything in return. Sure, she nags. But you gotta give that to her for all the things she is putting up with, taking care of one stubborn man and four bickering daughters.
And my father, where do I even start… The discipline, PR skills and the struggle for excellence originated from him. I used to remember him and me, burning the candles for my Mathematics and Spelling Quiz Bees during the good ‘ol elementary days. I remember writing to my dad before, telling him to show more emotions and care and love for everyone. As most dads I presume, he was this stiff person who just provided financially and prepared us intellectually. He was never really the emotional type. But that was so many years ago. Today, my Papa is a source of inspiration, a confidant and my drinking buddy! 🙂 
Which brings me finally to my sisters. We may not be like each other in all aspects. Lucerne and I may like girly shoes while Tin and Ela paint the town red with their sneakers. How introvert Ela can be is actually an exact contradiction of me. While Tin loves the simplicity of Bacolod life, I dwell and lavish in the demands of this corporate jungle. How Ela can be so quiet opposes Lucerne’s hyperactive mode. 
But we all looovvveee Japanese anime. We have our pillows we sniff when we go to bed. Gross pillows same as our ages. We love donuts. We loved school. Ela and I share the passion for books and writing. Tin and Lucerne love to eat. I think we all love singing. 
So this is my family. My blood line. I may soon lose my kick-ass family name, Amechachurra, but I will never lose my home, my family. Because it will always be here. Somewhere probably at the left part of my aorta 🙂 

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