Book of the Week: Notes Left Behind

I mentioned in my last post about the book sale in Fully Booked and I chanced upon this book which sold for P100 or PHP150 if I am not mistaken. I was taken by its poignant synopsis. Somehow, with all the current experiences that I have gone through in my own baby journey, I feel drawn to people who have surpassed frightening and challenging situations in their lives.

I started reading the book when I was at the airport on my home to Bacolod for my best friend’s wedding. While waiting for my flight, I read the first chapters of the book and I was helplessly and unsuccessfully fighting back the tears.

Notes Left Behind is a must-read for all parents and those who are going through a rough time because of any diseases. I didn’t have much expectation when I bought this book but this turned out to be one of those “it-was-meant-to-be-in-your-hands” read.

This narration was from Brooke and Keith, parents to a pretty six-year-old Elena who was diagnosed with brain tumor.

Elena was afflicted with cancer and her parents shared their painstaking journey of watching their daughter under the clutch of the disease. They shared their story diary-style – how they deal with the situation one day at a time. This book is a poignant read and shakes you to your core.

In some way, I was able to relate. When afflicted by the big C or with any other “unexplainable” disease for that matter (in my case, repro-immuno disorder), your faith stumbles and your life changes. It makes you stop for a while and look at your life in the ways that you have never considered before.

And as usual, same with my other book reviews, here are some of my favorite quotes:

It is the feeling of being out of control that hurts the most. After all, from the very beginning of life you are taught that if you do good, good will come to you…

I’ve heard them all. “God has a plan, though we may not understand it.” “God works miracles.” “God only burdens those he knows can handle it.” From friends and family, they come without offense and are meant to comfort. I know this, but somewhere deep down I can’t help but question.

Never look at a day and think it is a bad day, because this may be better than tomorrow, so just thank God that you have the day at all.

Let me take this moment to thank Elena and her family for being an inspiration.

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