New Places


There is a strange comfort when writing in a new environment. For some reason, the words just tumble over from the recesses of your mind and on to the keyboard, pounding relentlessly until something actually makes sense. Somehow, I don’t get this ease, this different dimension of my creative wind when I am in the corners of my own home. Familiarity is anti-creativity, I suppose.

I woke up with the first rays of the sun forcing its light at around five in the morning. I don’t get up this early back in Manila, especially on a weekend. However, here in this quiet corner in Iloilo, waking up early is not disconcerting at all. In fact, I welcomed it with open arms (or eyes) while ideas finally form inside my head. Again, something that does not happen back in the crazy urban jungle where everything just seems to be chaotic.

Husband was sleeping not-so-quietly, snoring a soft hum, when a little noisy bird started pounding on the glass window and let out a screeching sound over and over again. He woke up, albeit reluctantly, four hours ahead of his usual weekend waking hours.

I miss this kind of calm. I miss not having to think about anything for a moment and just let the mind and the body rest. 

I have been uneasy and restless these past few weeks and this is exactly what I needed. I’m glad Edzel convinced me to go. 

How about you, love? How are you spending this long weekend?

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