Milestone Onesies from Baby sTEEckies

Yes. I do admit. I am addicted to Santi. I think about him every single minute of the day, not to mention, he makes his presence felt ALL the time. I think I have a circus baby inside my belly.

Today, we just finished another Doppler Velocimetry at St. Lukes BGC, probably my 11th or 12th time for this whole pregnancy. Most women would usually undergo just 3 or 4 ultrasounds for the whole nine yards but for me, an APAS survivor, I need to have it once every two weeks in the first trimester (total of 6), once a month in the second trimester (total of 3) and now, on my last stretch, once in every two weeks, again (total of 6). So yeaah, the ultrasound machine is my best friend. After today’s ultrasound, our hearts are once again filled with the constant reassurance from God that everything will be okay.

Anyway… going back Santi.

I keep on hoarding clothes for Santi over the past two months. Eggy only gave me a go signal to buy stuff for the baby on our 26th week. With everything that we have been through, it was is hard not to get paranoid that something can just go wrong so despite all the hard work and effort. Needless to say, we kept our expectations at bay.

*distracted pregnant mind*

Going back…

I found this shop selling uber adorable milestone onesies on Instagram. For some time now, I have been pinning adorable photos in Pinterest, dreaming of what I would do when my little one comes out. I was checking out milestone cards which they sell in Amazon but found them to be ridiculously expensive. I was trying to replicate them with my horrendous design skills and gave up on it after seeing the outcome, lol.

I was ecstatic then, when I saw these milestone onesies! Not only do they flaunt your baby’s milestones, he/she can wear it, too! Too adorable! 

The name of the shop is BabysTEEckies. Check these out –

Balot Baby STeeckies 2

Balot Baby STeeckies 3

There are many other designs that you can choose from and you can also choose either a set of white or colored onesies. Since I am a little addicted to baby animals for my little boy, this is what I got! 😀

Balot Baby sTeeckies Onesies

Customized Colored Onesies for Santi


Baby Steeckies Customized Onesies

We are ready, baby!

They said that it normally takes them seven days to customize the onesies BUT I got mine after three days! Talk about delighting the customer.

These customized colored onesies cost P1900 + shipping fee. That would be roughly P160 per onesie! Not bad, right?!

Balot Baby Steeckies 7

They also have statement onesies at P190 each.

Balot Baby Steeckies 9

I soooo love these onesies! I can’t wait to take a photo of Santi wearing them in his first twelve months. I just hope that he doesn’t grow out of the sizes. I heard babies really grow so fast. Waah!

So mama, if you are interested to get your bubba these awesome milestone onesies, you can get in touch with Baby sTeeckies through the following:

Balot Baby STeeckies Contact Details

Enjoy, loves!

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