Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa

The third part of our Antipolo trip that deserves a separate post as well is our visit to Luljetta’s  Hanging Gardens and Spa.

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So you probably know by now that I am a sucker for promotions. I saw this sponsored ad from Real Living about a hanging garden and spa that is just right in the metro. Without much convincing, I invited the husband for a weekend getaway as I felt we needed to just break way from our normal rut.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is actually located inside Loreland Farm Resort. It is owned and managed by the child of the resort owner.



Here are the things that you can do at Luljetta’s:

1. Soften your calluses with Dr. FishSPA. There are two fish spas here – one with smaller fishes and the other with the much bigger ones.


There were no people at the ‘big fish’ spa (probably because they look scary and humongous) so that’s where we went.


The husband is awfully ticklish and he shouted (literally) when a big fish nibbled on his toes! Wahaahaha! He warmed up to these big scary fishes after a while. I didn’t.


2. Burn those fats in the jacuzzi and sauna. This is probably what I enjoyed the most. I love saunas and the jacuzzi was also a treat.

3. Dip in the pools. There are several pools inside Luljetta Spa – infinity pools and hydro pools if you want some water-pattering massage.

4. Meditate at the Hanging Gardens. After we explored the pools, we went to the Hanging Gardens. There’s relaxing music all over the place and it was really meant for you to commune with nature. Soo relaxing.

5. Get the Luljetta’s Signature Massage. After around two hours of exploring what the place has to offer, we capped our experience with their signature massage. In all fairness, the therapists were really good (I say this with conviction because Edzel and I get massages all the time and we know what a good massage is) –


There are several huts but we opted to stay at the massage room because we wanted to doze off and not be disturbed by other exploring guests, haha!



The rates are a little overpriced in my own opinion. You have to spend a minimum of almost PHP1500 to avail of the whole amenities and get a spa service.  Anyway, since we were there already, husband and I decided to get the Cleanse Package boosted by Phase 2 (Dr. Fish Spa, Hydro Pool, Hanging Garden) access. So in case you were wondering about the packages, you can visit this link here>>

The Pretty: I love the ambiance of the Hanging Gardens. I love the small details, the inspirational quotes scattered all over the garden and I LOOOVEEE THE MASSAGE. 


The Not-so-pretty: It was sooo hard to contact their landline and their text line. The receptionist told us to be there 15 minutes before our scheduled massage or else, they will deduct the “wasted time” from the massage duration. We arrived twenty minutes before our schedule but they were the ones who were late. Our schedule was at 5:15 and we started with the massage at around 5:25. And as I mentioned, the price could have been a little more affordable.

Have you been to Luljetta’s? How was your experience?? Share in the comments!


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