Lost But Found


Several years back, publishing a book was only a dream I kept dear in my heart. I always wanted to do it as I felt that it is the ultimate validation of being a writer.

But seriously, I did not know really want to write about. I did not feel much resonance to talk about marketing despite being a marketing professional for more than a decade. It just did not have the pizzazzz.

And then APAS happened to me. And it changed my world.

For the past several years, my APAS journey has given me so many things to talk about and looking back, the stars have been positioned the way the had been to bring me to this point.

Yesterday, I received the greatest gift of my life. I have been mooning over the last phases of my book as the final manuscript has been submitted for its final proofreading. So all that is left to do now is to create the front and back cover, lay the book out and send it to the printer.

Everything is WIP as of the moment! Haha!

I imagined the book’s cover to be minimalist in design. I loved Gladwell’s covers and the white space just always draws me in.

Regie, my creative artist, a former teammate and a good friend (who also by the way also did my logo for Lana Lane), sent me his studies for the cover and without exaggeration, I was crying when I researched about the meaning of what he came up with.

The tulip – I never gave any direction about including this specific flower. But when I received his cover design, I knew this was it. It was the Universe sending me the perfect package for my book.

The tulip was my wedding flower. That was what first resonated with me.

But upon further research, what it symbolized floored me: perfect love, rebirth, and charity.

  • Perfect love
    • The love I have for my kids is imperfectly perfect.
    • The love God has blessed me through all the struggles I had in the book is perfect.
  • Rebirth
    • This book has been cathartic and gave birth to a new soul in me.
    • Edzel’s journey has been nothing short of a rebirth: his new heart, his second life.
  • Charity
    • A portion of the proceeds of this book is dedicated to the APAS Foundation Fund that I plan to set up in the future to continue this advocacy that I feel so strongly about

So tell me, I had the right to ugly-cry, right? It was just perfect.

So let me take the time to really dedicate this post to my creative artist and friend, Regie. Thank you, thank you for always being there to support me in all my endeavors and bringing my vision to reality when the initial direction and drawing are really crap. You are God’s gift and a blessing to me and I thank you with all my heart. <3

To know the updates for the book launch and support this endeavor, please subscribe at www.bit.ly/lostbutfoundbook.

May the God of this wonderful Universe bless you thousand times more.

With all my heart,

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