I am a monster… and I totally hate it!

Santi looks at me with much disdain. His eyes shout Monster Mom. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

He looks for comfort from his Nanay (my Tita who helps me take care of Santi) or Dada (of course, who would not want Cool Dad?!) But Mommy…

Mommy is the villain of his life. 

Santi does not even say Mommy, yet! Just Dada, Daddy, Tata, Tatay, UGH! He can even sing recognizable sounds of the alphabet sometimes but say “Mommy” or even just “Ma” – nothing. Chirp chirp!

So how did this happen?

Because Mommy is always the party-pooper.

Ever since Santi’s teeth got messed up (more on this on my next posts), I have to pin him down for some serious brushing every day. And I don’t mean the cute here’s-your-toothbrush-let’s-move-it-left-to-right-up-and-down type. We used to do that but apparently, it is not enough! We got some good lecture from three different pediatric dentists who all said a good brush needs to be done thoroughly, with the child pinned down so you can reach all nook and cranny. It will involve crying but you have to be stern about it.

And cry Santi did. Or does.

Every brushing moment is not a pretty sight.

There are tears and shouting and looks that kill. The hardest part is the latter because I am sure no Mom wants to be the antagonist in their child’s life. But someone has to do the dirty job. And Daddy won’t do it (because he has to be the Cool Dad) so Mom needs to be the bad cop!


I often wonder if moms like me are just, you know, exaggerating. We always think about the worst. We panic a lot. I am not sure if this is true for all moms but this mom right here – PARANOID AF! 

I know that I will forever be my children’s nemesis because I will never stop being praning and wanting the best for them even if it means I have to be a monster in their eyes sometimes.

I just pray that when they become parents one day that they will understand why I have to be the Monster Mom. 🙂


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