Fully Booked BGC Sale

So while waiting for the husband to finish his basketball game, I decided to meet up with Pau (one of my clingy babies) for a merienda (more like dinner) at Wildflour.  

After we met, I had a long walk to Fully Booked (had to shed off the Fully Loaded lunch) to check out some books *duh*

To my surprise, there is a book sale!!! *heaven*

There were books for PHP50-PHP200. 


I got the following:

Laurell Hamilton’s Bullet : PHP50 (originally at PHP315)

Russell Brand’s Booky Wook 2: PHP100 (PHP630)

Robert Landophi’s Quick-Fix Gluten Free Cookbook: PHP100 (PHP699)

Brooke and Keith Desserich’s Notes Left Behind: PHP100 (PHP599)

Gabriel Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles (hardbound): PHP150 (PHP920)

Note: Gaiman at regular price, boo-hoo!

More, more, more for me!!!

You wouldn’t find any books of really known authors though but still a steal, right?! Sale is until July 12 so hurry, hurry, hurry!

I love how this day ended. My Monday is awesome!

How about your start of the week, loves? Hope you had a fabulous one!


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