The First Four Weeks

I couldn’t remember much other than the fact that I was  crying. ALL THE TIME.

I cried because of the exhaustion. 

Noone really warns you that newborns would want to latch every thirty minutes and that they are a darling by day and can be totally unforgiving (read: THEY REF– USE TO SLEEP) at night. 

The first three weeks with Santi were zombie mode.  It is true when they say that days with a newborn are long and the nights even longer. I literally monitored every single hour that passed by as I watched, in numbing desperation, the hour hand of our bedroom clock move from one number to the next. After nursing, changing nappies, checking if the room was too warm or too cold, nothing seemed to pacify Santi in some nights. I didn’t know how it was possible for me to beg from a man, but alas, at this early stage, I am already #santified.

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