Last week, we had our first Christmas party for the Secret Book Club where I got to personally meet the members of our Facebook group. What’s more fun is that we got to recommend a piece that was inspiring to us and share it with the other members through an exchange gift! How cool is that?
So there was this particular book that stood out (at least for me), suggested by Mish of Momma ‘N Manila – a book by James Redfield titled The Celestine Prophecy. Mish shared that this was the book which guided her in her twenties — the age where most of us would be struggling to probably find what’s the meaning of everything as we were pushed to life outside of college and started to seriously deal with things. I think what piqued my interest was when Mish mentioned that it put things in perspective for her. I like these kinds of books. That is the reason why I love Coelho, Albom, Rubin, Gladwell, Maxwell, Covey and many others writing about humanity, finding your purpose, living your life… I know you get what I mean.
So let’s go to this book. What struck me the most would be this — “Chance encounters do not exist.” and since they don’t, we have to take “coincidences” seriously.

Funny that I should read this now because I badly need affirmation for this corporate life hiatus that I am in. And I would like to share to you some “coincidences” that are uncanny but yes, very encouraging.

  1. Three days after our Christmas Party, I chanced upon a hard cover of this title at a booksale! For PHP120! What a coincidence!
  2. I got some writing jobs and the assignments and clients keep on getting better as weeks pass by. The topics interest me so the writing comes easy. It doesn’t feel like work at all. As I said in my previous posts, I never thought I could earn from writing but well… here I am!
  3. Sales for my shop is picking  up. Because of this book, I have finished my marketing plan today since I was inspired to really take my business to another level by next year.
  4. I got a VA and social media management stint for health and wellness clients. I have been learning a lot about getting a healthier lifestyle to boost fertility and address my general well-being. The more I delve myself into health and wellness topics, the more I have the yearning to alter my lifestyle. Just as an example, I can now finish two liters of water every day. This is a great achievement for me because just several months back, I was a cactus. No, seriously! I could live without water (but not coffee and Coke).
  5. My offshore boss is awesome! She is teaching me a lot of tricks about business which I get to apply on my own. Plus, she promotes achieving more by doing less. To quote her, “you can work anytime you feel most productive as long as you deliver what is required.” Talk about efficiency and independence from a 9-5 work shift!
While these could be merely coincidences (Redfield rolls his eyes), it is a comforting feeling that I am somehow on the right track. How do I know? Things seem lighter. I actually get to do a lot of things, both professionally and personally. I should be obsessing with work now — this kind of life made little Type A me happy. But now that I am taking things slow, I am happier.It is quite surprising considering I am probably getting a fraction of my previous income but yes I am happier. I have realized that money is not everything. I love what I do because I get to write. I love what I do because I own my time so I can spend more of it with Edzel and Sachi and my friends. In so many other ways, things are not that bad as I thought they would be.

So what do you think of my little coincidences? How about you? What is your take on this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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