Classics at PHP99!

With the advent of technology, literature has become more and more accessible to a lot of people. Many of my friends have already shifted to the convenience that technology brings, thus Kindle and e-books have become more and more popular. You literally carry a thousand books with you minus the bulk.

I, however, remain a conservative when it comes to books. Not the purist, hard-bound kind of buyer but I still do buy actual printed copies. I like the feel and the smell when I read. I like to put dog-ears when there are really lovely quotes. Sometimes, I even go as far as scribbling on pages.

When Edzel and I had our house, I only had one request (one big request) — my very own bookshelf. More than a year later from settling in, I still have sooo many spaces to fill!

Books are something that I could probably not take out from my monthly expenses. Hahaha! Just this month, I was strolling around National Bookstore while waiting for a friend and I saw these lovely classics (which I had planned to read for a looong time) at PHP99! I initially thought that it was some pricing mistake because all of them were marked the same despite the thickness or the title of the book! And of course, I brought home some that day! *happy day*

The kerning and size of the text is a little uncomfortable but how can you complain?! It’s only PHP99!
I am planning to complete all the books under Collins Classics. I am not sure though if they are available in other bookstores but so far, almost all NBS have them. So if you are interested, go ahead and hoard some today!

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