Century City Cinema and Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen Experience

So last Saturday, husband and I finally went to Century City for our scheduled Mockingjay movie date. We haven’t been there yet so we figured we check the place out.
I booked a ticket online because I didn’t want the hassle of lining up at the ticket booth. However, you can only reserve seats at the website but still have to pay at the cinema. You also have to be there two hours prior to your movie schedule to pay for the tickets. If not, they will give your reserved seats to someone else. Hmm, that’s a little disappointing, don’t you think?
Since we didn’t have anything to do, we went around the mall and loitered. (Two hours! Geez!)
We, then decided to have an early dinner instead and I asked Edzel if he was  up for some ramen action. We decided to eat at Ikkoryo Fukuoka Ramen.

I remember the best ramen I’ve had in my life. It was in a very small ramen place in Dazaifu at Fukuoka Prefecture which sold for 700 yen.

I like the vibe of the place. The attendants are also very nice 🙂
The place kind of reminded me of this famous Starbucks at Fukuoka (en route to Dazaifu).
The husband, of course, ordered something spicy.
Why so glum, babe?
He got the Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu which consists of spicy Tobanjan (a spicy, salty paste made from fermented broad beans, soybeans, salt, rice, and various spices) paste at PHP380.
Spicy Tobanjan Tonkotsu which the husband claimed to be not that spicy.
He has really high tolerance for spices though ^__^
I ordered the Chef’s Special Ajitama Tonkotsu which was topped with a special half-boiled egg that was fully marinated with a special blended soy sauce base (also at PHP380).
Ajitama Tonkotsu
We totally enjoyed our little ramen dinner that we even forgot to take a picture of their gyoza (PHP150) which Edzel liked! For the first time (read: he is not a fan of gyoza). Hurray for happy tummies!
Shop Information:
Level 3, Century City Mall, Century City,
Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone Number
Operating hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday 10am – 10 pm
Sunday 10am – 9pm
Visit their website here.

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