Aromatherapist? That’s me!

Aromatherapist? That’s me!

Hi, I am Balot Del Rosario, NAHA Certified Level 2 Aromatherapist residing in Philippines. Nice to meet you!

Martha Beck made me cry.

I was first introduced to Martha Beck when I was scouring books from Book Sale. There was this interesting title, Finding...


It is a sad story. It is a shitty, sad story. It's sad because at times like this, when confronted by an introspection that makes you question every single thing happening in your life, you feel alone. You are alone. Fucked up in your thoughts.

Adios, 2018!

We now close this year and all I can say is… WOOOOOW! Days flew by like crazy and the 365th...

Breastfeeding Balot

The ‘Dark’ Side of my Breastfeeding Journey

Okay, so before I go on with my story, I just wanted to let this out — I am not...

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