How to ship essential oils from the US to the Philippines

Do you want to purchase essential oils from the US but don’t know how to ship them to the Philippines? Here’s a short video on how much I pay using Kango Express plus the number of oils included in my package.

The only downside I see is that they don’t have upfront indication of how much the package will cost but usually for 2kg and below, I would usually pay a minimum fee of $20 to $30. Hope this helps!

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Essential Oil and Chemotypes

Did you know that some plants with the same species and genus(es) can yield two different essential oils that have very different chemical makeup, therapeutic actions, and most importantly, safety considerations?

This is very common for thyme, rosemary, and basil. 

Thyme ct thymol and thyme ct linalool have very different safety considerations so check out the safety data sheet of the oils you use just to be sure. 

Thyme rich in thymol is highly skin irritating at 1.3% max dermal rate according to Tisserand while the one that has majority linalool has no specific concerns. 

Happy oily Monday, loves đŸŒ±đŸ’š

Essential Oil Highlight: Patchouli

Patchouli is my favorite oil, although I know a lot who may not be in love with the scent.

To describe its aroma, it smells like petrichor, or the smell of the earth when rain falls on dry soil. This scent reminds me so much of my happy childhood and makes me nostalgic.

Patchouli has the following therapeutic properties*:

Energetically, Patchouli oil is good for those who are always in their head and may need grounding (this is soo me, haha). It also balances your Earth element and I can totally relate with this because as a cusp-Taurean, my other element is the Earth.

*This post is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat diseases.

How to make an essential oil room spray

Room sprays are amazing when you don’t have a diffuser or you just want to have passive diffusion. I used to bring room sprays wherever I go, and use it also as my car spray.

Check out how you to make an EO room spray in this video and share with me your favorite room spray blends in the comments.

Essential Oils to Help with Anxiety

We are in peculiar times, indeed.

Today is the 3rd week of the community quarantine here in Manila and the world and how we do things have changed dramatically.

The past week has been tough on me. Reports about mortality and inefficiencies everywhere in the world PLUS the general atmosphere of blame and hate were just too much that I had to take down my Facebook (control what you can control, as they say) for a while –

While I do not mean to be apathetic to what is going on around us, I also had to ground myself and take care of my mental health more than ever. Stress and anxiety can affect your physical body and it is important to be mindful of the things we consume and how it affects us so that we know how we can address them and make it better, somehow.

What resonated with me the most are posts from people who are trying to help in little ways as they can in their field of expertise. Homeschooling communities sharing to (now) work-at-home parents how to maximise their time and make this quarantine season work for the school kids who are now stuck at home; freelancers offering support on how to digitise businesses, free masterclasses and learning sessions on how you can make use of this time to be productive – there’s just wonderful help going around.

Thus, the inspiration for this post.

I would like to help, in the way that I can, as an aromatherapist and share with you today some essential oils that can help you manage your anxiety because it can really manifest physically.


So, here is the list of some of the popular oils that are anxiolytic (something used to reduce anxiety) with some evidence-based information:

  • Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) 

    • As an aroma, sweet orange is such an uplifting scent. Smelling the oil from the bottle can already give you the feeling of summer and sunshine. But there is more to the scent than what meets your nose! Sweet orange essential oil has shown great potential to address acute anxiety. See study here and here.
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

    • Studies show that lavender essential oil has been helpful in reducing anxiety in children, on patients having bone marrow biopsy, and patients in ICU who couldn’t sleep well. It is no wonder that this essential oil is loved by so many enthusiasts (myself included). It is truly the “Swiss knife of essential oils” with its many therapeutic actions and also since lavender is probably the most researched essential oil in the market today.
  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

    • I am probably one of the very few people who are not too fond of citruses such as lemon, orange and grapefruit. I think this is mainly because of the ‘energy’ of the oil. I feel like I am already too hyper to be needing its oh-so-positive vibe. Buuuut, save for this wonderful citrus – Bergamot essential oil. There is a floral aroma that balances its ‘fruitiness’ which gives the oil more depth. I find bergamot to be very calming and relaxing. While there are not much studies on this specific oil, initial randomised control trial shows that it can reduce preoperative anxiety and can be useful in reducing stress.
  • Geranium (Pelargonium x asperum)

    • Frankincense is one of my favorite essential oils, especially during my meditation practice. Many people are adamant in using their Frakincense oil because some brands are crazy expensive. Here are the most common brands I see in the market plus the ones a lot of aromatherapists use (mostly imported from the US and UK). Personally, I order my essential oils from the US because I love to support artisan brands who really love their craft in distilling their oils plus I support those who provide a GCMS report so I can see the chemical constituents per batch of oil. If you want to know how I source my oils from the US, hit me up in my Lana Lane Facebook Support Group.
    • Anyway, back to Frankincense. It is one of the essential oils outlined in this study to have helped with anxiety associated with labor. In this animal study, it stated, “Frankincense essential oil can counter the effects of stress by effectively relieving sleep debt and maintaining antioxidant capacity without increasing oxidative stress, and, therefore, may be beneficial in the management of stress.”

There is still a long way to go for aromatherapy and essential oil modalities. We have only seen a number of clinical studies that proves its efficacy but for those who have used, majority would enjoy the benefits of using essential oils, without even knowing the mechanics of its therapeutic functions.

Anyway, before I bore you with all these geekiness, here are some recipes you can enjoy. Stay safe and sane, loves!


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