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Hmmm… wedding season is finally here and it is the perfect time to plan yours! Most couples choose the dates February – June for their wedding because the sun is up (well, except for June maybe) so you can cross out one headache on your list – the chances of rain ruining your little party.

Most couples would take around one year to plan their wedding. In my case, three years ago, I got engaged in September and we tied the knot by June the following year. In hindsight, there are many things that I would have wanted to improve, little details that I could have pored on but then, it was crazy fun so it’s hard to mull over the little things.

My wedding was as beautiful as it was because of my suppliers (I will go through each of them in a while). Your suppliers can make or break your special day so take time to research and remember,  choose wisely.

I have mentioned one too many times in this blog that I only write about the brands and people that I trust and I just would like to endorse this wonderful woman who makes a lot of weddings in Bacolod as wonderful as she is – meet Mom Ellen of Personal Touches. If my wedding took place in my hometown, she would have run the show.

Go check out Mom Ellen and her booth at the Weddings around the World at Robinsons Place Bacolod until May 10 or visit her Facebook page here>>

PS. If you like her, you would also loooove her son who takes amaaaayyyziiinnnnggg videos! Visit Grilled Cheese Studios here>>

—– xx —–

So now, just taking a little time to thank my suppliers and hopefully, you’d get them in your BIG DAY!

My ever-reliable coordinator turned achi Chris of Planners Plus,

the now-super-popular Atom Ungson for our emcee (haha!),

Atom Ungson

our brilliant photographer Bogs Ignacio <see my photos here>>,

Corporate Junkie 9

my videographer of course, Jason Magbanua>>

Kuya Pao of Grilled Cheese Studios for my Save-The-Date video>>

my very simple gown perfectly executed by Czarina Villa>>,

Wedding Gown

this was the designed that I wanted and was made perfect by Cherry Blossoms Cakes

Wedding Cake

scrumptious food, mobile bar (kept everyone happy) and my sunset venue set up by KbyCunanan,


and the highlight of it all, our one-of-a-kind reggae band, Roots of Nature (now they call themselves 3rd Nature) — who everybody just loved so much that we finished partying at 3 am! Hahaha!

3rd Nature

I think the husband enjoyed as everyone did 😉


Bogs Ignacio – Wedding Photographer

This blog has never been about sponsored posts. I talk about my good and bad experiences here and the people, products and places that I feature are the ones that I have really connected with.

Last Friday, one of my best friends, Aby got hitched with another friend, Vince. It was a very lovely wedding with Aby poring on every detail to make things as perfect as they can be.

Today, I saw this photo from their photographer who was also my wedding photographer years back. I am just in awe of the talent of this amazing, down-to-earth man.


When I see wedding photos, I always reminisce about the day I had my own wedding. Most of my decisions have been really great (hehe, let’s not talk about the ones I have made palpak with)  but if there is one supplier I would endorse to all those who are wanting to get married, it is to work with Mr. Bogs Ignacio for their wedding. <3

I suuuper love Bogs! He is super easy to work with. He will coach you with the poses and is never intimidating.

Here are some of our own shots during our prenup shoot 3 years ago at Lakeshore Pampanga.

This man can really work magic! Check out all his other works below and enjoy! 🙂

Bogs Ignacio Photography

Email: bogsignacio@gmail.com

Mobile Number: +632 9258051887, +632 9179507059, +632 922 5388719


Master of WPPI – USA
Master Wedding Photographer -MWP WPPP
3 Time Photographer of the Year – WPPP ; Bridal de Manila

RCC Amazing: Desyringoma Process

Have you ever heard of syringoma? Before I explain to you, let me first show you what it is —


According to MedicineNet, syringoma is a benign (noncancerous) skin tumor that derives from eccrine cells, specialized cells related to sweat glands. The skin lesions of syringoma usually appear during puberty or adult life, and consist of small bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter that form under the surface of the skin. The most frequent site is the eyelids and around the eyes, but other areas of the body can also be affected. Syringomas more frequently affect women than men, and they have a hereditary basis in some cases.

In my case, I have suffered from this since I stepped into late high school. At first they were small bumps just right below my eyes and later on, just continued on multiplying. I tried to have it cauterized once but after six months, they were back.

It was a good thing that RCC Amazing was introduced to me by our former president, Mr. A. He told me that there is this revolutionary product which was made of cashew nuts, invented by a Filipino that could take away my syringoma.

I have gone through the desyringoma process under RCC Amazing for four times now – one in 2007, one in 2009 and another one before my wedding in 2012. I was just happy that it took three years for them to grow back again. Last Saturday, I asked the husband to accompany me again to Robinsons Galleria to have my growing bumps  ‘burned’… again!

The total procedure would cost around PHP4000++. This includes the procedure and the treatments (creams, astringent and soap) that you need to use until they heal.

This is how I looked last Saturday after the procedure –

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 20.23.23


A closer look, perhaps? 😉



Six days later, all the scabs are gone and I am just waiting for them to heal completely —

After desyringoma

The whole procedure would take around 30 to 45 minutes. I think you can purchase a topical anaesthesia from the drug store if you have low tolerance for pain (you can check with them first if you can do this since I have never used one). The skin technician will first clean your face. After that, she will prick on the bumps, similar to what they do in facials. The Desyringoma cream will then be applied and that’s when you will feel a burning sensation which would last for several minutes. I usually ask for a cardboard so that I can “fan away” the pain. Haha.

After the procedure, you are not allowed to wash your face for seven hours. You will then use their glycerin soap and antibacterial astringent to clean your face, followed by the application of the drying cream. When the scabs come off, you have to use a moisturizing cream in the morning and a whitening cream at night. You also need to avoid direct sunlight and apply their own sunblock cream when you have to go outdoors.

Desyringoma Creams

According to their website, this process of removing syringomas is through through herbal cautery using the DeSyringoma cream. The herbal cautery uses the active ingredient of the cashew oil that is known for its medicinal properties thus removing your syringomas safety and effectively.

I looooveee RCC Amazing that’s why I am sharing this (not a sponsored post). I really am into promoting products that I have personally tried and tested and this one has been nothing but amazing! Also, I think it is pretty awesome to have a Filipino inventor come up with something like this.

While syringoma is non-cancerous and its treatment is purely for cosmetic purposes, I would still do it because these crazy little bumps can affect your self-confidence especially if they start multiplying and would occupy your whole face (waahh!).

Check out their website to know more about this amazing product>>

Awesome Find of the Week: Viber Games

Game On

It is amazing how technology has evolved over the years. Fifteen years ago, texting was limited to boring characters. No pictures (you can try to create Christmas trees with the characters, though), no videos, no cute stickers! Today, everything just whets your visual appetite –  you can send and receive rich media files, cute stickers, photos and videos through different messaging apps. This made people connect with each other more and more.

I have tried almost all messaging apps available but most of them are just in my messaging folder – rarely opened, rarely used. Except for one.


I use Viber every day. I love its interface, I love Violet and legcat, haha!

Sticker 2


I love the colors and everyone is just using it (even our househelp does). When I was in corporate handling the communications team, I used Viber to do emergency message blast or announcements to all employees in the company. I get in touch with my friends in other countries through this messaging app and almost all groups that I am part of use Viber for our daily communication. The main difference is really the interface – people like something simple and at the same time, it has numerous stickers that can capture what you want to say to your friends!

So it’s a pleasure to announce another expansion to the app with the launch of Viber Games. Now you will not only experience Viber’s free messaging, HD quality phone and video calls, you can now pass time with Viber Games!

Viber Pop in Hands

Viber has partnered with leading game developers to bring unique gaming experiences to the platform featuring Viber characters and exclusive content. Initially released in Belarus, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore and the Ukraine late last year, Viber Games is now available worldwide.


The launch line-up features Viber Candy Mania and Viber Pop from leading mobile game network Storm8 and Wild Luck Casino from leading casual games developer, Playtika. The games were built using a new private API that allows users to sign in with their Viber ID to connect with their friends and contacts on Viber, send them gifts and brag about their achievements. Additionally, users will be able to send game invites via Viber, and see what games their friends are currently playing.

Games will take on the Viber brand look and feel, and feature many of the characters that have already become popular staples of Viber’s Sticker Market. The games will be promoted in the Games section on Viber and will be free to download via Google Play and the App Store. Access to additional features will be available via in-app purchases.

“Viber Games is the latest feature in our ongoing enhancement of the Viber platform,” said Michael Shmilov, Viber’s COO. “Whether users are bragging about their achievements, sending gifts or simply checking out what their friends are playing, Viber Games is another engaging way for people to connect within the app.”


“As a pioneering leader in mobile social games, we’re committed to partnering with companies that expand our reach and provide innovative player experiences,” said Terence Fung, Storm8 Chief Strategy Officer. “We’re delighted to be a launch partner for Viber Games, debuting two new Storm8 titles that bring to life Viber’s popular characters and offer a new level of social interaction among friends.”

“This partnership opens up a new channel for Playtika to introduce our world-renowned social slots to Viber users via a new game we developed specifically for Viber – Wild Luck Casino,” said Elad Kushnir, VP of Business Development at Playtika. “We are excited to take advantage of Viber’s existing communication channels to add another layer to the game experience.”

Three games are currently available, with more to follow in the coming months:


Viber Games_Candy Mania

Viber Candy Mania by Storm8

Sweeten your day with a delightful new game! Follow Viber’s popular sticker characters Violet and Legcat through the levels, as you match and collect candies in this sugar-filled puzzle adventure.


Viber Games_Viber Pop

Viber Pop by Storm8

The best bubble puzzle adventure game yet! Defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard and rescue little buddies. And, for the first time ever, you can play with your favorite Viber character, Legcat!

Viber Games_Casino

Wild Luck Casino by Playtika

From the makers of Slotomania, an authentic slots experience is at your fingertips with an exciting range of games to choose from. Play with your friends to win free coins and prizes, then share the good vibes by sending gifts.


Viber Games Features Summary:

  • Gift sending: Send gifts to your Viber friends; receive rewards for the more gifts you send
  • Leaderboards: See how your scores stack up versus your Viber friends’
  • Invite friends: Invite your Viber friends to download the games to play with you
  • Bragging: Tell your friends when you beat their high scores
  • Friend progression: See what levels your friends have reached in the game
  • See what games your friends are currently playing.

For more updates on Viber, visit www.facebook.com/viberph, www.twitter.com/viberph, and www.instagram.com/viberph.

About Viber:
Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging, voice and video service. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. Users can send free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with Push-To-Talk. With Viber Out, users can make low-cost calls to any phone number around the world. Viber is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux and Symbian devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. With over 516 million unique users in 193 countries, Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features. Viber is a Rakuten Group company.


5 Things (or not) that I Miss in Negros

Hmm, it’s March once again. We are already at the end of the first quarter. It’s amazing how time flies by so quickly.

During these times, I would usually go home to Bacolod to visit my family. Holy Week = long holidays, haha. I can’t do that this time around so I just keep on reminiscing.

Here are some of the things that I miss in my hometown.

1. Seafood. I don’t know if the seafood is uber cheap in Bacolod but my Mama always serve it especially when I’m home. I’m spoiled with a feast of crabs, squid and shrimps. Hmmm…


2. Chicken Inasal. Well, hello! I am not sure why but the original Bacolod Chicken Inasal still tastes different from the “original” chicken inasal fast food here in Manila. A trip to Manokan Country is a non-negotiable.


3.  The cheap dessert places like Bobs, Cookies & Crumbs and of course, Calea! All dessert places here in Manila pale in comparison. Affordable yet oh so yummy!!!



4. My parents and sisters (and my soon-to-be brother, I think, haha!) and my Lola. We are such a close-knit family that you just can’t take away that longing even after ten years of being officially away from Bacolod and my family. I miss goofing around with my sisters. I miss talking politics with my Papa. I miss my Mama’s cooking.


My lola. I had working parents and I was left to the loving care of my lola when I was young. She’s the most hardworking woman I have ever known and I always make it a point that I visit her in our hometown when I go home.


5. My friends. They always say that it is hard to look for real friends. I know the feeling. The relationship I have with my Bacolodian (high school and college) friends is something that I could not seem to find anywhere else.

So there you go. How about you, love? What are the things you miss in your hometown? Share in the comments! 🙂


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