Sunmum’s New Look

Hey you!

Are you a pumping mama?

If you are, then you must have heard of Sunmum, the most economical breastmilk bag in the market.

Storing your breastmilk in these bags can be costly especially if you are a heavy pumper like me. In my case, I have tried the most known breastmilk bags in the market to check which one would work for me.

I love the Honeysuckle brand but for almost Php15 per piece, it was just too expensive, huhu. I have also tried Medela, but I was not a fan because it doesn’t lay flat. Lansinoh is good but you have to buy it from the US if you want to score a discount but still, price would still be more than Php10.

I was relieved to have discovered Sunmum because it lays flat on the freezer and it costs less than Php5!!!

I have been using Sunmum since Santi’s time. Now, they have repackaged to an even cuter design.

Sunmum new design

New Sunmum has a cute mother and baby design.

Even the part where you write your labels has improved.

The material is a tad thinner but it still maintains its triple ziplock. I hope the new material is as good as the old one.

Sunmum is a product from Thailand and is 100% food grade and BPA-free. I get mine from the MilkingMomma from Shopee!

Try it out momma and save some $$$ while stashing your precious liquid gold.



I am now a mother.

Mother’s Day.

Five years ago, I never thought I would ever celebrate this day. But God has been good and I am now holding my two rainbow babies, Santiago and Lucia.

The road has been long and rocky but the values this journey has taught me has been immeasurable.

I made a pact with the universe that when I would be successful in overcoming my condition, I would raise awareness about repro-immune disorders to hopefully help women who are like me.

The universe has answered this year. In ways I have never imagined.

Last Friday, I was able to share my story through the Mother’s Day special of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I am now a mother.

To read the whole article, visit this link.

My blog has also been getting more hits. More than that, I, together with some other RID sisters are also organizing a lay forum for APAS and RID awareness in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Inc.

The ball is now rolling and I am glad to be part of it. I can’t wait for what is in store for us in the coming months/years. I pray that more and more women and couples will know about RID so that one day, in His time, they will also hold their rainbow baby in their arms.

Join me in this advocacy, loves. Lets get rid of RID.


Bairns Clothing – To Preemies with Love


Having a premature birth is very common for those who are suffering from repro-immune disorders.

According to Mayo Clinic, a premature birth is a birth that takes place more than three weeks before the baby’s estimated due date. In other words, a premature birth is one that occurs before the start of the 37th week of pregnancy. In many cases, our little APAS/RID fighters are safer outside our womb so they are made to come out earlier than most.

I was a little lucky since my babies were not really considered preemies; Santi was delivered via caesarian section when he was on his 38th week and Lucia, on her 37th week and they were considered as early term babies but nevertheless, I empathize with the plight of preemie moms everywhere.

Giving birth to a premature baby is very challenging, especially since they stay in NICU until they are stronger. Lucia spent only one day in the neonatal intensive care unit but my heart was shattered a million times – I can only imagine the strength of preemie moms who stay in NICU for weeks, or months even.

There are many challenges having a preemie baby. One of them is getting them little outfits that fit them since standard sizes would be definitely bigger. When I was browsing one of the Facebook groups I am in, I came across an online shop for preemies and I would like to share this little chat I had with the founders of this shop:

Name of shop: Bairns Clothing
Established when: Nov 4, 2017
Facebook URL: facebook.com/thepreemiespecialist
IG name: @bairnsclothing


Clueless APAS Mama (CAM): How did Bairns Clothing start? 

Bairns is a Scottish word for child. We used the purple color (for the logo) because it means delicate and precious just like the flower lavender, which hence best described premature babies. The effect of purple is to uplift the spirit and it is also known for its nurturing tendencies. The baby’s footprint in the logo symbolizes the birth of a child; and also in Buddhism, it means beginning. Their footprints mark the beginning of their life. It is shaped like a heart because it means love. Love conquers the world; therefore, a preemie should feel love and be showered with affection to gain strength to fight. The heart on the sole of the feet symbolizes a beating heart or life. Preemies always fight for their lives so each beat of their heart is very precious.

CAM: Why did you put up Bairns Clothing?

Bairns was created through our first-hand experience as preemie moms. It was a struggle to find fit and comfortable clothes for our tiny warriors. But more than for aesthetic reason, we don’t want to cause worries to parents because of loose clothes that may cover the faces of their babies and might even lead to SIDS. Lastly, Bairns is all about giving back to the community, so it is tagged as CLOTHING WITH A CAUSE such that every purchase you make contributes to other NICU families in need.

CAM: What is unique about Bairns Clothing?

Bairns Clothing began with the purpose and willingness to help every preemie and their families. We have a social responsibility in helping NICU families through charitable works and support/guidance/inspiration through FB NICU Families and Preemie Support PH Forum. We cater to one basic need of preemies which is clothes. Specific clothes sizes for Filipino preemies that are made locally and affordable in price.

CAM: What are your product lines?

Tie-side with short sleeves, sleeveless and long sleeves; pajamas, mittens, booties, beanies, receiving blankets, plain onesie, statement onesie and printed onesie, outsourced preemie nappies, outsourced preemie/newborn sunglasses

CAM: Please share anything else you want your market to know.

To our future clients, we know that having a preemie is financially draining but let us not hinder our tiny warrior to wear decent clothes. Some moms will say “ok lang malaki, lalaki din naman sila”; and yes, while this is true, our preemies need the utmost care and fit clothes is the safest choice for them to wear to prevent any discomfort and SIDS. Bairns Clothing provides basic essential clothing from the tiniest (micro preemie) up to 3-kilogrammer preemie. You don’t need to go to the mall to buy clothes; we are just one click and call away for your needs and can provide next day delivery.

Also, Bairns is all about helping, so when you buy clothes from us you also help other NICU families. Once they have outgrown them, you can donate or resell the clothes.

Through the purchases of our previous clients, we can proudly say that we had been able to provide financial and medical assistance to NICU families through buying medicines that are rare like glucose tablets, providing fee for blood transfusion, medical equipment and monetary donation. We also held a small charity event at a government hospital providing basic preemie goodies.

Please continue to support and purchase preemie clothes from Bairns Clothing so we altogether can help more NICU families. Also to promote local industries and be proud to wear Philippine made!

CAM: What is your message to Preemie Moms?

We know how it feels and we know how much it hurts. We just want you to know that we have been there. We have been truly blessed out of circumstance that at first, it didn’t seem like much of a blessing. God loves us. Yet sometimes it doesn’t feel like He loves us.

Some NICU moms prayed for their little ones but they passed away even before they say goodbye. Some NICU moms prayed for their NICU graduate to grow up healthy but instead they watch them suffer from illness and complications from their prematurity. Most of the NICU moms prayed for that little extra money to make ends meet, but end up losing their resources.

What we didn’t realize that the very thing that is best for us isn’t the same as what we’re praying for. God hears each spoken need. He loved us too much to give us lesser things. God is watching over always, directing every moment we experience.

Through this journey, we realized that it wasn’t our preemies being in the NICU but about our transformation in Christ and allowing Him to be in control of everything.

Trusting in God is a daily walk and we are grateful that our journey has and still reminds us that He is in control and not us. Mommy, our warriors had been where your baby is now. It is okay that you are crying but never give up.

Never give up when your last defense is faith.

We share your burden.

The wonderful ladies behind Bairns Clothing

Bairns Clothing

UST Pharmacy Batch 2000 classmates who happened to be preemie moms.

Joana Pauline Caoleng (Pharmacist, OFW)

Karen Anne Sia (Pharmacist, WAHM)

Jadie Suzette Tan (Pharmacist/SPED Teacher, WAHM)

The ‘Dark’ Side of my Breastfeeding Journey

Okay, so before I go on with my story, I just wanted to let this out — I am not breastfeeding anymore.

Yes, you read that right. Not breastfeeding anymore.

Instead, I am bottle-feeding Lucia with my breastmilk. Does that sound strange? You see, there is a middle ground between breastfeeding and formula feeding and that is exclusively pumping. What does this mean? Please do check my post about exclusively pumping here>>

Call Me Balot

Anyway, I have taken this route since Santi’s time and I am doing it again for Lucia. So yes…

I was and still am a proud ‘exclusively pumping mama’

But exclusive pumping is not what I really want to talk about. Today, I want to talk about D-MER or Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex.

You see, there is a weird thing effing my insides every time I have a milk letdown. This happened during Santi’s time and it is still happening now. For the lack of a better term, I call it nausea.

But it is not nausea, not technically. 

That ‘nausea’ I get during letdown is more emotional in nature. It’s like a hollow pit in the stomach that makes you want to throw up or gag and feel really sad. Like you are homesick or something. And it only lasts for more than a minute. Sooo effin’ weird.

I was not aware of this condition before (just like I have never heard of APAS). I just remember Googling “sadness when breastfeeding” because I wanted some solace that there are other moms out there, like me, who experience fleeting moments of sadness when they are breastfeeding. And you know, to feel normal that I am not the only one suffering from this condition.


Upon doing some little research, I stumbled upon what is called Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex or D-MER.

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, D-MER is characterized by negative emotions, that occur seconds before a mother’s milk ejection reflex when breastfeeding or expressing or with a spontaneous MER. In their website, one mother was quoted describing D-MER. She said —

If you have read Harry Potter they talk about the creatures that suck the soul out of you and when they are around it makes you cold and you start to focus on negative things and fall into this abyss of negative thoughts — that is how D-MER was for me at times.

THIS IS ME!!! This is the perfect description of what I feel. Every single time I have a letdown, whether it is during a latch or when I am pumping, I feel like there is a dementor sucking all my happiness.

Now, before you think I am making an excuse to stop breastfeeding, I don’t. I actually love the idea of giving breastmilk to my children because I know of its immense benefits.

And we are back to this. #milkingmama #3daystash @honeysucklephils

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The reason why I wanted to talk about D-MER is to share with other moms who might be experiencing the same that they are not alone. I have searched about this condition in Breastfeeding Pinays group in Facebook and there are several anecdotes about it.

This condition really exists.

While there may be some who would make this as an excuse to stop breastfeeding, I am part of the other side whose knowledge of this condition actually reinforces my breastfeeding journey.

Knowing I have D-MER helps me to soldier on because I know that it is but a fleeting moment caused by an instant drop in my dopamine hormone and that it is just a hormonal imbalance that can be corrected by my own body in minutes.

Knowing I have D-MER strengthens my conviction to pump rather than have Lucia latch because I don’t want her to feel that feeling of hopelessness and despair that I feel when she is nursing, no matter how fleeting it may be.


So there, Mama! I truly hope that you do not have to go through this but if you do, holler me! Let’s make each other feel a little bit normal even if we have this rare condition (I am such a sucker for rare medical conditions, geez). And maybe you can even share with me some tips on how to minimize that sinking feeling?

Hope to hear from you soon!



I am a monster… and I totally hate it!

Santi looks at me with much disdain. His eyes shout Monster Mom. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

He looks for comfort from his Nanay (my Tita who helps me take care of Santi) or Dada (of course, who would not want Cool Dad?!) But Mommy…

Mommy is the villain of his life. 

Santi does not even say Mommy, yet! Just Dada, Daddy, Tata, Tatay, UGH! He can even sing recognizable sounds of the alphabet sometimes but say “Mommy” or even just “Ma” – nothing. Chirp chirp!

So how did this happen?

Because Mommy is always the party-pooper.

Ever since Santi’s teeth got messed up (more on this on my next posts), I have to pin him down for some serious brushing every day. And I don’t mean the cute here’s-your-toothbrush-let’s-move-it-left-to-right-up-and-down type. We used to do that but apparently, it is not enough! We got some good lecture from three different pediatric dentists who all said a good brush needs to be done thoroughly, with the child pinned down so you can reach all nook and cranny. It will involve crying but you have to be stern about it.

And cry Santi did. Or does.

Every brushing moment is not a pretty sight.

There are tears and shouting and looks that kill. The hardest part is the latter because I am sure no Mom wants to be the antagonist in their child’s life. But someone has to do the dirty job. And Daddy won’t do it (because he has to be the Cool Dad) so Mom needs to be the bad cop!


I often wonder if moms like me are just, you know, exaggerating. We always think about the worst. We panic a lot. I am not sure if this is true for all moms but this mom right here – PARANOID AF! 

I know that I will forever be my children’s nemesis because I will never stop being praning and wanting the best for them even if it means I have to be a monster in their eyes sometimes.

I just pray that when they become parents one day that they will understand why I have to be the Monster Mom. 🙂


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