Bibliophiles Devotional

“So many books, so little time.” – Frank Zuppa

Oh yes, I can totally relate. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily corporate life, my books teleport me to a whole new dimension where I can escape to an entirely different environment.

Because it is my only way to escape my corporate world, I could never have enough. Opening a new book is like creating a new universe and being a frustrated wanderlust, they carry me to places which I only dream of going to.

And so, stumbling upon this book was heaven. Bookworms, welcome The Bibliophile’s Devotional by Hallie Ephron.



This devotional features a new book every day for one whole year (aahh, 365 books!) and gives a synopsis so you will know if it would be of interest to you at the get-go. This is also helpful for those who would want to try out a new author or a new genre. There’s a lot of classics in the list but you will come across several new novels such as Life of Pi and the Time Traveler’s Wife.


I would think that this book is available in all leading bookstores. This one I got from Powerbooks in Serendra.


Happy reading!






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