Awesome Photographers in Bacolod City

I am seldom home so I barely know who’s who in Bacolod City in terms of event suppliers, photographers and the like.

However, I think this is something that is more of a blessing to me than a curse because I get to discover  new names such as awesome photographers who are still below the radar but are so daaamn good!

Last week, my sisters and I planned a surprise party for my parents for the many blessings we are receiving – Edzel’s successful heart operation in January (still have not written about this), Tin (my sister) and her pregnancy, Mama’s birthday in February, Papa’s birthday and my birthday in April, and of course, Santi’s birthday in May.

Because my schedule for the party was already too tight, I did not want to spend too much time researching and negotiating with photographers I do not know.

Since I was running out of options, I contacted Ellaine directly, the other half of Maclaine Lights and Shadows>>.

I met Ellaine in 2015 when we were looking for a photographer for my sister’s wedding. She was recommended to me by my best friend whose family owned one of the top wedding planning companies in Bacolod, Personal Touches>>.

I had my utmost confidence with how Maclaine chronicled my sister’s special day. They were able to showcase the amazing love story of my sister and her fiancé- from the pre-nuptial sessions to the wedding day (which I was, unfortunately, not a part of because of my pregnancy condition but that is another story for some other time).

Check out the photos below and let these speak of their craft 🙂

Anyway, I asked Ellaine if they photograph kiddie parties and when she said yes, I was elated. However, she was not  available on the day of the surprise party (boo-huhuhu!). To my surprise, she referred me to Anne Acaso of Sunny Side Up Photography>>.

I browsed Anne’s Facebook Page and was pretty impressed. Our party was so simple though (no elaborate decorations and mostly DIY stuff by me and my sisters) so I never really expected that the photos would come out fabulous. But it did and I am one happy customer.

I feel so lucky to have met Ellaine and Anne and I am sure that I will be getting them again if I will need someone who can artistically capture the special moment of our Bacolodian happenings. I only wish I can fly them to Manila, too. Hehe.

Hope you get them in your next party, loves x

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