APAS Diaries: Baby Adison – The Long Wait Is Over

Romans 8:24-25 – For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

When things do not happen as you planned, how do you deal with it? When God makes you wait, how long will you wait? When you want a baby so bad to complete your family, what will you do if you cannot conceive for three years? For five years? For seven years? Do you give up? Today, I share a story of hope of my APAS sister Kimmy who waited for her beautiful rainbow baby Adi for almost a decade.

Name: Kimmy

RID (repro-immuno disorder) Categories: Cat 1 and 2

OB: Dr. Valerie Guinto

Immuno: Dr. Lara Aleta

Pregnancy? 1

Live births? 1


Year 2007 (got married); trying since 2007

  1. How did you know that you have RID?

My problem was I was having a difficulty conceiving, never ako nabuntis. We don’t know what’s the REASON. 7 years later, on November 2014, an angel in disguise named Dr. Faith Angat led us to the person who knows the REASON.

One barrier in my pregnancy was my PCOS. Having PCOS is a factor that leads to infertility. I thought that the reason why I am having difficulty conceiving is because of my PCOS issue. So, I did exercise and went on diet to somehow address these hormonal imbalances – that PCOS issue.

And then, when the time that we thought we were “okay”, we tried IUI (intrauterine insemination). That was the year 2009. We had it for the first time in Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) in Pasig. Unfortunately, it was not successful. I was so sad and I asked myself, “Anong problema? Bakit di ako mabuntis?”

After that IUI procedure, we didn’t go back, I told my husband “Rest muna tayo sa plano natin magka-baby, enjoy muna siguro natin ang isa’t isa.

On our 7th year, we decided to try again with different OB na naman that time. We went to Doc Faith Angat (hubby’s HS classmate). So after all the chikahan, she recommended to seek help na sa isang specialist OB. And that is Dr. Angela Aguilar. So, we didn’t waste time anymore. We went to see Doc Aguilar agad agad (that was in November 2014).

After talking to Doc Aguilar, she gave us hope. After giving her all my previous lab results, she suspected that I have APAS. But to be sure, I have to do certain procedures and consult with an immunologist (she recommended Dr. Lara Aleta). And so we went to Doc Aleta. She read my results, and yes, it was confirmed I have APAS (Category 1 & 2). She told us what to do and not to lose HOPE 🙂

2. What preconception treatments did you have?

In 2015, I was on medications for 5 months (aspirin and prednisone). And then LIT treatment (4x). After getting a positive percentage in my LAT result, we went back to Doc Aguilar for the next step na sana. But then conflict in schedules and personal reason na din hindi na kami nagkita.

3. What is the greatest challenge of having RID?

Not knowing what to do.  Palaging natetengga ang aming project baby. After several hiccups, I told myself “Hala, ano nang gagawin ko?” So, I searched the internet, anything related sa APAS. And I am so thankful I found the group in FB  – ALL ABOUT APAS AND IMMUNO REPRODUCTIVE CASE.

Ang dami kong natutunan sa group na ito and marami na akong naging kaibigan 😊 (shout out sis Balot!) 😜 Dun ako sa group naghanap mg panibago na naman na OB. I asked their recos and I chose DR. VALERIE GUINTO. Hindi ako nagkamali kay Doc Guinto 🙂

4. How long after the treatments did you get pregnant?

March 2016 was my first consultation with Doc Guinto. Kwinento ko na lahat ng ginawa sa akin ng previous OBs ko and showed her all my results. She said I have to try IUI again, hanggat nasa katawan ko pa daw yung mga gamot, treatments na ginawa sa akin.. Ok push! Oh, by the way, after kay Doc Guinto, I went to Quiapo Church and prayed. Nag try na ako pumila at humipo kay Black Nazarene.

May 2017. My second IUI done in St. Lukes BGC. SUCCESSFUL this time! We we’re so ecstatic and overwhelmed that day! I told them maybe my body was so ready that time kaya nagbuntis na ako. And maybe this is our time na talaga! “(Thank You Lord!)

5. Any advice to those who are diagnosed with RID and are still trying

Having an issue because of APAS and being preggy at the same time is no joke. I took lots of medicines, injected everyday with blood thinner, and bedrest almost the entire pregnancy. This was to make sure baby is safe. But I am very thankful that I have doctors who know how to handle my condition.

6. What/Who helped you through this difficult time?

My husband, family and friends who supported us in our journey. And of course to Him that made this possible.


These success stories make me warm and fuzzy inside. God is really an awesome God even if His timing is completely different from ours. We just do what we have to do and undergo the treatments that we need and have faith that these advancements in medicine are God’s intervention. We just have to be patient and trust that He is in control.

I pray for all of you who are waiting that God will work his miraculous wonders in your life.

Babydust to all of you.



2 Responses to “APAS Diaries: Baby Adison – The Long Wait Is Over

  • Norma garcia
    3 years ago

    After 11yrs. Of waiting 2mc 2007 and 2016, my APAS little fighter 28weeker baby boy is turn 2 soon.

    Thank you so much Lord God for the wonderful gift.

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