Affordable Baby Stuff from 48 Zodiac, Bel-Air

Are you looking for affordable baby stuff for your little one? 

Well, I have some good news for you! My sister-in-law told me about this place in Bel-Air that sells affordable baby stuff where you can buy mittens for as low as P20!

I have been wanting to go but since husband does not allow me to drive anymore, I am at his mercy. So one fateful day, I was able to drag him to go with me to Bel-Air to check out this outlet store my sister-in-law has been talking about.

I first called the number, +632 896 4802, to check if they were open during lunch hours. Manang Vicky, the caretaker, said yes.

The place, which sells Hello Baby products, is located at 48 Zodiac Street, Bel-Air, Makati.

Initially, Eggy and I tried to pass through Rockwell gate but we were redirected by the guards. You need to use the Bel-Air entrance near Jupiter Street. When husband surrendered his license to the guard, they quipped, “Ayan, bibili ng pangbaby sila Ma’am.” 

The place is quite famous as some other celebrities have been raving about it. Once you arrive at the place, you can ring the bell and look for Manang Vicky. She will meet you at the entrance and she will direct you to this inconspicuous room that is less than 20 sqm.

When I entered that small air-conditioned room, I was instantly overwhelmed. Baby clothes, everywhere, stacked one after the other. There were no prices so it was a little hard to estimate the value of what you have been pulling out of the shelves. I gathered a pile then asked Manang Vicky how much was my running total.

These were the items we took home. 🙂

Affordable Baby Stuff from 48 Zodiac

For P2,000, we got the following:

3 sets of mittens

2 sets shirt and pajama

2 pcs baby bonnets

3 pcs tie-side infant shirts

2 pcs bibs

1 pc towel

1 pc receiving blanket

2 pcs burp cloths

2 pcs white overalls

2 pcs printed overalls

Super sulit! Should I have gotten them from the mall, I would have spent twice as much. Also, I noticed that they have more options for baby girls so if you have a little princess, don’t miss going to this place.

So, mama, what are you waiting for? Drag your husband (like I did) and bring him to this place. I am sure you will both love a little bit of shopping for your little one!


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