The Great Love

The Great Love
I was watching Sex and the City last night and in one episode and it said,

“You can only have two loves in your life.”

In a parallel universe, I also encountered this one good quote about your great love:

“The first one is the you will love most, second is the one who loves you most and the third, well he just happened to be and the right place and at the right time.”


What do you think? Which one is possibly true?

I have put a minimum qualification in what I call a relationship for me. In your case, it may vary.

A real relationship (again, this is just me) has to have a one year, at the very least, withholding period. This means that anything lower than that may have been infatuation, rebound, lust or stupidity.

I do not know if you agree with me but I think it takes time to really say that you love a person. It is cultivated through time. Well anyway…

I have had 3 “relationships” to-date. First one took 3 years, 2nd one, 1 and 6 months and the latest, 2 years and counting. With this, which premise do I believe in? If I was only allowed two great loves in my lifetime, I would have to ditch one relationship. And if it is on the 3 great loves, I am not sure if the ranking follows.

They said that a great love is the one that will shake you to the core. It is earth-shattering and will change your life. If this is the case, my psycho first ex-boyfriend has certainly changed my life. Changed my life to the worst but also changed it totally for the better because at some point, that relationship was the reason why I am where I am right now. So can you consider him one of my great loves?

The second one patched me up. Put band-aid in all the areas where I was jaded. Unfortunately, I think I shattered his life more than he shattered mine.

The current one… it is not earth-shattering. It is more like a tree rooted to the core. This is where, for the first time, there is security with a no-nonsense kind of love. It is like a blanket that snuggles me on a cold night. There are no love letters, no candle-lit dinners. It might not be fireworks but a burning ember that silently warms my life…. and my heart.

Does this love close my destiny? Or at least, my destiny for the second greatest love?