About a Boy

He smokes. He drinks. He plays poker. He has lots of girls (and gays, hehe) swooning over him – lots of competition, eh! He is the most mataray and sungit person I’ve ever known.

He gives me flowers. He cooks for me. He plays Soduku with me. He fetches me when I stay late in the office. He listens to me. He always gives in to all my tantrums. He is the sweetest person I have ever known.

Life has its own ironies. It also threw the dice on me.

I am probably the most difficult person to deal with. I have tantrums. I am also mataray. I am masungit. I smoke. I drink. I learned to play poker. But there was this one boy who has exactly the same qualities that made me stop on my tracks and hold my strings tight that I almost, voluntarily just give in. I have wanted this for so long. Someone who has the guts to CONTROL me. To dominate me.

I am a crazy person. He always says that I am a lunatic. In fact, I am. But he said that it is a challenge. Har har. A lot of them back out before because of this same personality of mine. I always tend to dominate the relationship, gear it to the way that I want and always getting away with it. Now, I can’t easily do that. But it fits me. Because maybe this is really what I need — someone who would not be intimidated to cut me slack of my lunacies.

I am so in love with my boy.